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Buying a holiday home

Ever wanted to own your very own holiday home?  Not sure about the finance options?

Holiday Let Mortgages are the UK’s premier broker for holiday let mortgages. We specialise in providing finance for UK holiday homes.

There are many ways to fund the purchase of a holiday home. The options will depend on the property itself and how you intend to use it. The majority of our clients buy holiday homes that will be let out to holidaymakers, thus providing an additional income.

Buying a second home or holiday home

If you wish to purchase a property just for your own use then this is fairly straightforward. Many lenders will provide mortgage finance for second properties and you will need the income to cover both this new mortgage and your existing residential mortgage. However, if the property has a 106 restriction which affects how it can be used then the finance option is not so easy.

Buying a holiday home to let out

This is the area that Holiday Let Mortgages specialises. We have access to lenders who are happy to accept a holiday letting property even with a 106 restriction. A standard buy to let mortgage it not sufficient for a holiday let property as it does not meet the buy to let lenders criteria. We have had to save many clients at the last minute when their buy to let mortgage (not arranged by us) was withdrawn when the property usage became apparent.

For an initial discussion on holiday let mortgages please call us on 0800 840 3111 or visit our dedicated website